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Leveraging The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0

Worksheet:  Client Conversation Debrief

If you follow the Agreement Based Sales® Model, your goal in the Filter & Categorize stage is to distinguish the contacts you can help (now or in the future) from those you cannot. And, in the Formal Exploration and Facilitate a Solution stages, your goal is to get at The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 so you can add value where it is valued most and differentiate yourself.

In each of these stages, you have access to personal, professional, company and industry information – but only if you are listening actively when engaging in a conversation or correspondence with a client or prospective client. The key to accessing this information is first to get the other person talking, then to listen, and then to record what you heard.

This FREE  Worksheet offers a proven format to capture information you learn when listening actively. And, when you review the blank template in advance of a conversation, it will actually help you structure your conversation so you don’t miss a thing.

If you’re up for learning how to leverage the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 data that’s present in a client conversation, download the FREE JoyfulProfit Resource by filling out the form now.

Included is a BONUS Worksheet: Client & Contact Questions Asked of You
Powerful CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 intelligence resides in the questions asked of you by members of your target market. But are you giving them the credit they are due?

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